“The Only Virus Present Is Your Racism”. Stand Against Coronavirus-Related Racism.

Stand Against Coronavirus-Related Racism.

“A few days ago, I boarded the subway with two other Asians. One of them wore a face mask, a casual accessory and common sight within Asian communities. A white woman across from us glared at me as we all sat down. She then promptly stood up and moved to the opposite end of the subway, shaking her head.

If I could speak to her now, I would state the words written on my mask. Shaming or ridiculing Asians who wear face masks blatantly ignores the culture behind them while perpetuating harmful racial stigmas. All over the world, there has been a recent wave of anti-Asian violence. Believing someone is infected based solely on their ethnicity is absurd, hurtful, and extremely racist. Please, be aware of your comments and actions, now and always!” – @chellaman 

@chellman’s story is one of the many that are appearing on social media more and more every day all over the world. Since the outbreak of the coronavirus, which was first officially reported to the World Health Organization by Chinese authorities in Wuhan. Several accounts of racism towards Chinese people have been reported on social media. 

As of today, the UK has confirmed that the coronavirus cases have rapidly grown to 319 in the UK. It is a shame to report that Brexit Britain has shown its ugly face, as fear and anxiety grows surrounding the coronavirus. It seems as the coronavirus spreads, so does racism against Chinese people.

The media is mostly to blame for misreporting the spread of the virus and it seems that a false assumption has been made that the virus stems solely from Chinese people, which is foolish and ignorant. I urge that people understand that this is a virus that does not discriminate. No matter what race, age or social background, we are all at risk and the Chinese people who make up this country are not to blame. 

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If you witness any discriminative behavior towards the Asian community report it immediately. As the coronavirus pandemic reaches critical levels all over the world, we must support each other the best way we can in these dark times. 

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