We called on stylist Tiyana Henriques to dress Moses LDN for The BRITS

Last night we went down to the BRIT Awards at the O2 Greenwich with Kingdom Collective and YouTube Shorts, this year’s Digital Music Partner for the BRIT Awards. Targeting a younger audience this year, The BRIT Awards introduced four new categories, the winners of which were decided by the public, voting exclusively through the TikTok app. Mo Gilligan hosted a spectacle packed award show for the first time with performances from Dave, Little Simz and Adele. YouTube creators captured BTS footage on Shorts via #BRITsUnseen. One of them was Moses LDN, who creates lifestyle and dating content on YouTube. 

To get Moses red carpet ready, we asked stylist Tiyana Henriques to dress Moses for The BRITS and documented the whole process, which you can watch on YouTube and YouTube shorts.

Read our interview with Moses below as we get into his YouTube journey.

You were at The BRITs shooting content for YouTube Shorts, how was it?

Shooting Shorts content at The BRITS was more than phenomenal; I had a moment of fame as I felt a part of the other famous stars who were invited to the event. There were many things to capture and experience at the same time which allowed me to both enjoy myself and record solid content. 

Did you meet anyone you’ve been wanting to meet for a while? 

I met a few other YouTubers that I’ve been watching for a while, and it was so great giving each other compliments about both our content and networking with one another. I also met Maya Jama, who welcomed me with a hug and absolutely made my night. I doubt I’ll be taking a shower for a while, lol. Apart from that, I saw many amazing artists win awards and perform their songs which was also phenomenal. 

How would you describe your personal style? Did you push yourself out of your comfort zone for your BRITS outfit? 

I initially bought myself a casual basic tuxedo to fit the general standard of outfit but luckily I was offered an opportunity to be styled by GUAP, who offered me a few different outfit ideas, but in the end, I stuck with my normal style and stayed in my comfort zone. I still picked an outfit the stylist got for me; however, it was something I was comfortable wearing.  

What inspired the type of content you make? 

My background and culture inspire the type of content I make. I explore being myself to the fullest, keeping my African accent in play and constantly reminding the fan base of my background and ethnicity. Many internal Youtubers mostly inspire me as they have many unique contents that allow me to think outside of the box when creating content. 

Why did you choose YouTube as the main platform for the content you wanted to create?

YouTube is a lifestyle. I believe you gain a fanbase who will interact and love you through the worst times and good times. I’ve always wanted to create a base that I can rely on for the rest of my life, and I believe YouTube is that platform that can do that. 

YouTube shorts is a new feature on the platform. How are you finding using this?  

I believe YouTube shorts are unique and will be the most dominating feature YouTube has in the future.

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What do you think the future of content creation on YouTube is? 

I believe the future content of creation on YouTube will be very unique. A popular type of content is dating shows and showing your ability to interact with the other gender. I believe many couples will overtake on YouTube, and I see a lot of younger creators being the pioneers of the YouTube world. 

You’ve gained over 200K subscribers in 2 years – how did you do this? 

I believe my main reason for gaining over 200,000 YouTube subscribers is my ability to be unique and creative and everything that I do. I believe my fan base can’t guess what will come next for me, which allows them to stay put and always ready for whatever I will release next. Throughout my whole YouTube career, I’ve always thought outside of the box and never attempted to release a video that’s similar to other YouTubers. I believe my fan base sees this and expects nothing but unique videos from me, which allowed me to gain a new fan base every day, equating to 200,000 people in under two years.

What’s next for you? 

My next adventure on YouTube is a bigger level of content creation. I want to show more of my presentation skills by hosting game shows and shows that require me to be a host. 2022 will see a bigger creative side of me and aim to reach a lot of other countries apart from the UK and the US.

Watch Moses go to The BRITS below:

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