The Perfect Transitional Sunglasses For The Autumn Winter Season With Hot Futures

hot futures
Summer may be coming to an end but that doesn’t mean wearing sunglasses has to and Shoreditch based eyewear brand Hot Futures has released a new collection fit for the Autumn Winter season.

There are many reasons and even benefits as to why wearing sunglasses during the Autumn Winter season is a good idea that don’t include looking cool.

The sun still shines in the colder months even though you might not see it as much and those sun rays are definitely still strong, with the sun sitting lower in the sky than it does in summer, your eyes are still at risk of damage from UV rays.

To combat this, sunglasses with a wide lens and thick temple such as Hot Futures guest list worthy ‘Club Kid’ shades in the iconic millennium wrap around style, are great options to protect your eyes from all directions.

Inspired by youth party culture the Club Kid sunglasses are part of the next instalment from Hot Futures which celebrates the moments lost when the world stands still.


Jake Jarvis and Tanya Brown, creators of Hot Futures, told us their new releases speak to the freedom of being yourself and the luxury to create memories which form the tapestry of life we cherish for years to come.

Festivals, live shows and nightclubs had to be shut down but with events slowly creeping back, Hot Futures new bold, iconic shapes and material choices with Club Kid, Sweet Talk, Almost Famous and Super Lover celebrate this party spirit which has been a missing part of our lives at beginning of this new decade.

Jake and Tanya believe that creative culture is where the magic happens as art, music and fashion merge to display to the world that expression, togetherness and connection are the fundamental ingredients to happiness, which form the ethos of their brand.

I spoke to them about how they experienced lockdown, the environmentally friendly material used to make their sunglasses, eco acetate, as well as how to style your sunglasses for the autumn winter season.

Hey! Please introduce yourselves
Hey! We are Jake Jarvis and Tanya Brown, the founders and creators of Hot Futures
an independent eyewear brand based in Shoreditch.

What did you get up to during lockdown?
Despite the challenges of temporarily closing up our shop for the first time, we were given a (hopefully!) once in a life time opportunity to focus on the two things which mean the most to us as a brand – our growing community and expressing our creativity.
We designed our new collection for 2021 during lockdown, which we’re super excited
to release next year. Having the space and time to focus on design, brand direction
and generally feel inspired was a really nice silver lining on what was a challenging
period for everyone.

The other thing which brought us a lot of joy was connecting to our audience (mainly
on Instagram) in a way we haven’t done as much before. We’re blessed to have a strong group of brand followers and we hung out on Instagram live with people dotted round the globe, whether in London, Australia or LA. It gave us a real feeling of connection to our network even though we were locked down in our home so that was super fun and really fulfilling.

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The new collection gives me nostalgic vibes, they feel like
the kind of sunglasses you wear to create memories – can you tell us a little bit
more about the inspiration behind the collection?

We just wanted to bottle up that nostalgic feeling of expressing yourself freely and having a great time with the people you love and channel it into our designs. We focused on bringing iconic influences from before into the present day and really just celebrating bringing people together.

It’s easy to take for granted what it means to hang out with your friends, go to that party, take that trip and just generally connect authentically with people. Lockdown and the ‘new normal’ just really brought that home to us.

How did you discover eco acetate?
One of our key goals when we started designing our first collection was to create
high quality eyewear that would last the test of time. When we were searching for
materials at a trade show in Paris we came across the material when it was just
beginning to become available for brands like us and knew straight away that it was
the perfect material for us to incorporate into our collections. I think fashion as a
whole has a big task on its hands to make better choices and ECO Acetate is a
choice we made early on as part of our commitment to make better and better
choices as we grow. 


What are your top tips for styling sunglasses in the A/W season?
It really depends on your style but you can’t go wrong with a pair of gloss black
frames when the temperature begins to go down and the layers start piling up.

Cosmic Rebel and Wild Child have really been heating up over the last couple of
weeks as people start investing in their go to pair to wear with their favourite autumn
looks. Neon’s also bang with black and muted colours to lift a look. That said, pairing up some stand out shades with a strong lip and a bright outfit can set you apart when other people tone down their everyday wear. You’ll also have the perfect pair within reach for any beach winter getaways.

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