Would You Support Gender-less Birth Certificates Ever Become A Thing?

The generation that refuses to be put in a box

Generation Z , the generation that uses technology and the internet to project their opinions all over the world. The generation more integrated than those that came before them and the generation that refuses to be put in a box. It’s 2017 and people are more open about their sexuality and sexual orientation than ever before. The internet has been able to connect collectives alike who share the same questions and walk the same conscience path in life. The idea of a “Gender-less” society may seen obscene to most. But the influence of this generation will create waves that will continue to rise well into our adulthood.

Gender fluidity has created a cultural shift and cultural shifts is what we have been seeing across many different platforms. With the emergence of gender-less or ‘gender- neutral’ clothing from high-street brands such as Zara & H&M there’s obviously a demographic who believes that both women and men should not be subjected to wearing specific clothing because it is labelled women’s or menswear. The idea that the systematic labeling to which society uses to categorise us simply does not need to exist may be something you have not thought about before. We have created stereotypes within genders and this is where expression is compressed. The idea that men have to be  strong and women have to be elegant are labels that we have inflicted upon ourselves and this generation is audacious enough to question it.

Courtesy of H&M
Courtesy of H&M


Fashion has changed a lot in recent years with the masculinity of menswear taking a softer approach. One of musics most ‘masculine’ genres of music, HipHop has seen rappers wearing traditional women’s clothing. It all comes down to self expression and with the use of the internet used as a safe space to voice opinions ( we say safe , but what we mean is the ability to voice your opinion from a safe space for millions to see) chances are you will virtually meet people who share similar opinions to you that will help solidify your viewpoint.

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Some people do not identify with being Male or female, this is called Agender. Many people believe that the traditional idea that you are male or female and will grow up to be in a ‘heterosexual’ relationship simply is not the only way to live your life. With more acceptance and rights(than in previous decades) for people of the LGBT community the idea of ‘gender-less’ is becoming a discussion that can no longer be ignored.

Recently in Canada a transgender couple’s child became the first person to have a health document issued without a gender. The idea of being gender-less can be seen as a great way to eradicate stereotypes within children but it can also be seen as confusion for kids who grow up in a society with different cultures and different influences. But the script could be switched on either side.  One of the arguments against the gender-less category is that there are two genders that create life, Male and Female and that no matter how open we become to ‘non-traditional’ categories it remains a fact of life. With the development of fertility technology this no longer remains the case and there are thousands of families who are creating families in non-conventional ways. Would you support gender-less birth certificates?
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