‘Surroundings’ My Ideal World

“surroundings” from dan bergman on Vimeo.

The piece is expressed from Ella L’etangs’ (model) perspective.

“In my existence, I’ve spent a lot of time getting to know such a diverse mix of people from all walks of life and all over the world. Friends I’ve made have spanned from elderly village-people in the foothills of the Nepalese mountains, to convicted murderers inside a Filipino prison, to formerly homeless fellow litter pickers in the fields of various drug-fueled UK festivals.

The main thing that I’ve witnessed across these experiences is that even when people have absolutely nothing – they find a way to share. Share things, share their nature and surroundings, share affection and love, share pain. It is the most beautiful thing we are capable of doing. I take solace from this on a daily basis, and having been completely broke since I left uni (I have literally begged, borrowed and stolen my way through the past year), it is something I try to remember to practice as much as I can.

Whilst many graduates desperately seek to find meaning in their lives through gaining stable employment and getting a foot on the London property ladder, I believe in letting go of the idea of needing a ‘purpose’ or ‘stability’. I reject the idea that raking in money by working a 9-5 for ‘The Man’ constitutes ‘success’ or ‘achievement’.

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Vipassana meditation has taught me valuable lessons in how to accept the ebs and flows of life for all their inevitable transience. In dark times I find that it’s helpful to really take time to examine and appreciate nature and notice the universe’s fundamental law that everything is impermanent. This is mirrored by each of the tiniest sensations in your body and thoughts in your mind.

In my ideal world, there is no routine or structure or tidiness. Anarchy would reign, and everyone would be vegan.”

Director/Producer – Dan Bergman 
Creative Assistant – Renee Saliba
Model – Ella L’etang
Music –  (artist) brothel. (song) notthere.
Location – London [Hackney Farmlands]

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