Suspect drops off the ‘Reload’

After a 2 year musical hiatus, Suspect drops new track ‘Reload’ with accompanying visuals.

‘Reload’ is the long-awaited return track of one of the UK’s most charismatic rappers, Suspect. Having broken onto the scene through huge hits like ‘FBG’ and ‘Wonder What’, and ‘Say It With Your Chest’ Suspect had been building at a rapid pace. He was collaborating with some of the scenes most important figures like Giggs, Skepta, Octavian and more along the way and even dropped two projects. The buzz around him was immense and when he went quiet people definitely noticed.

Now back from that with ‘Reload’ it feels like he’s matured musically. The track isn’t necessarily a sound you’d expect from Suspect. He has occasionally thrown curveballs like this at us before like ‘One Way’ which featured Skepta and Jesse James Solomon but. This time on a solo vibe, Sus linked up with frequent producing collaborator Flyo and showed why they work so well together. Flyo definitely understands what suits Suspect but equally shows on this track that he knows how to balance that with pushing things so that the music doesn’t get repetitive.

On the track Suspect delivers the street rap his fans love him for as well as doing it with his unique style. ‘Reload’ does feel like Suspect is literally just reloading and getting ready for what’s to come. He hasn’t lost a step in that hiatus, the ability to actively convey his personality on a track without it feeling forced and maintaining the track’s message is on full display on ‘Reload’.

The visuals to ‘Reload’ are impressive, he even held a private screening for them ahead of the release of the track. They manage to capture the essence of Suspect yet also complement the track. One of the nice touches that highlight this is the segments of the video that mimic a 2D video game. This is a nice touch as it provides contrast to the rest of the visual style but additionally, it is a nod to the production which makes use of elements that are reminiscent of video game sound design.

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‘Reload’ feels like just a teaser of what’s to come from Suspect. This is not the ‘shut down the club’ track that we usually expect of him, but it does show his versatility. It additionally shows his musical ear developing and taking him in different directions which can only be a good thing. It will be interesting to see what direction Suspect goes musically I just hope that it comes with consistency to solidify his fanbase even further.

You can stream ‘Reload’ here.

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