TE dness [@TE_dness] Has Been Taken ‘Ashore’ By Rap

TE dness is back with new track ‘Ashore’ and accompanying visuals.

The West London emcee has been dropping music consistently since the release of his April Showers 3 project and ‘Ashore’ is the latest in what is now a long and strong line of singles. For an artist who has at times been criticised for his consistency to see that energy of maintaining his output whilst not sacrificing quality is something that you can’t help but respect. What helps with this is that the releases have been quality and covered a whole host of subject matter as well as a variety of sounds, all delivered with finesse and neatly packaged.

Ashore’ see’s TE wax lyrical about everything from crypto, family, and the streets across the track’s just under 3 minute run time. That is one of the strengths of his music, there is real variety across the content of his tracks yet it always feels relatable. What helps with that relatability is his fearlessness in addressing the negative aspects of life just as much as he’ll champion the positives. He touches on the trials of family stress, the battle with materialism and having to see the positives in a failed relationship – all problems we can relate to but don’t often hear about in music. This is mixed with some brighter images like the thoughts of trips abroad and successful investments.

When it comes to the visuals they are kept simple but clean. There is a slight story element that ties into the theme of the track of the highs and lows of life with the video kicking off with TE in a cab drinking before stumbling his way on set before performing. Arguably a scene placed to mimic the lyrics describing the stress he’s facing in life but having to push all of that to the side when it comes to the music and what he’s doing to provide.

Make sure you check out our interview with TE dness from last year here as well as stream ‘Ashore’ here.

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