[@TE_dness] spends ‘7am Out Of Town’

TE hits us with some visuals again, this time for 7am Out Of Town.

Now the track isn’t new, but when it’s this good that doesn’t matter. 7am Out Of Town has been around on major streaming platforms for a little while now and it was about time we got a video for it. The track has a simple but basey feel. But the best aspect of the track is definitely the confidence of TE alongside some more reflective lyrics. The only way I can express how wavey it is, is by giving you the very first bars:

“Still effortless, I’m still the best at this, Rap still my preference in search of musical eminence”

Yeah it’s like that from the offset. It’s the kind of track that you can imagine being performed to close out a headline show. It’s really one for the existing fans of TE but is delivered to such a high standard even new fans could get into it.

The visuals to 7am Out Of Town are kept very simple. They rarely stray from a solo TE being in shot with the lone cameo being his daughter. Whilst the video is well shot and allows for focus on the music, it leaves the feeling of something being missing. Where Nosey Neighbours was stripped back and story driven this one feels like a real back to basics visual. As such there’s not much more to say on this one. Check out the track above and hopefully we get more great music from TE dness in the near future.

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