Telfar’s [@TELFARGLOBAL] Security Program Offers A Viable Solution To The Issue of Bots and Resellers

Today Telfar launches their 24 hour security program which guarantees anyone that wants a Telfar shopping bag, one of the most coveted fashion items right now, the chance to own one.

When a designer item becomes sought after you can be sure there will be opportunistic resellers in tow looking to capitalise on it as we’ve seen with brands like Supreme.

These resellers and bots often deprive the consumers who genuinely desire these items from acquiring them or will rip them off reselling the items at ridiculous markups.

As the ethos behind Telfar is accessibility and community, it seems they have a problem with this and are offering a viable solution to combat it.

This may be the first time a brand has decided to take this issue into their own hands as it leaves many consumers dissatisfied.

The first ever Telfar security program guarantees you will get your hands on a shopping bag, you’ll just have to wait 5 months for it.

They are offering the option to pre-order the bag with no restrictions on the size, colour or quantity you can order and they will make the bag specifically for you.

You must pay for the bag in full and under no circumstances can you return or change your order. So you either commit to buying a bag that may not be popping in a few months but at least you can say you have one, or you take your chances with the drops.

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This is an almost genius solution from them and I wonder why no one has thought of this before.

Telfar will be able to measure the demand for the bag in real time as well as see the shopping bags remain a relevant and trendy accessory into January 2021, which is when they promise you will receive your bag by.

The security program demonstrates that when your brand firmly stands for something, in Telfar’s case fashion being horizontal and democratic rather than elitist and exclusive, being innovative and disruptive in your lane will be a quality that comes naturally.

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