Politics: Top 5 Misconceptions of The 2020 Black Lives Matter Movement


Top 5 Misconceptions of The 2020 Black Lives Matter Movement

Over the last few weeks, hundreds and thousands of activists have joined protests in cities all over the world for the Black Lives Matter movement. Following the murder of unarmed Black American man – George Floyd on May 25th. The footage quickly circulated on social media that showed the time of his death, making his last words ‘I can’t breath’ be the cause of the loudest and largest call to justice in the history of the Black Lives Matter movement. 

The movement is anti-white 

The term black lives matter is not anti-white. This movement is not stating that black lives matter more than any other life. It is saying that black lives matter TOO. In order for All Lives to Matter, Black Lives Matter needs to matter too. All people, no matter their race, need to be treated equally in the eyes of the law. 

The movement is anti-police 

The movement is not anti-police. The movement is anti-police brutality. The issue of police brutality in countries like America has been going on, since the conception of the police force in the United States. The black lives matter movement acknowledges that there are some good police officers. However, when there are countless cases of unarmed black men and women being killed by the police and sometimes on camera. It brings to question, just how far the police force will go, in order to protect their own, even when justice is not being served.

The BLM is a one-issue movement 

Although it is true that much of the protesting to date has been centered around the issue of police brutality. There is a range of issues that the movement is working towards. The movement also fights to end systematic racism. The BLM movement is more than peaceful protests and marches but seeks to dismantle the racist institution as a whole.

The movement only represents straight Black men 

In comparison to the civil rights movement, where the key leaders were heterosexual, cisgender men like Martin Luther King. The Black Lives Matter movement in 2020, is full of leaders from every corner of the diaspora. In 2020, the movement recognises all of the intersections and rich diversity in the black community. All over the world, you will see Black Lives Matter in the name of Trans Lives, Women’s Lives, and Disabled Lives. In 2020, BLM represents black people and fights for the injustice we face under systematic racism and police brutality. 

The movement is a leaderless movement

With the help of social media, we are able to connect better than ever before. The statement Black Lives Matter movement and the voices that chant it, can be found in not only North America but Brazil, London, Zurich, and Switzerland. The movement is not lead by one person but instead is full of leaders with a common goal. Which is to liberate to dismantle systematic racism and have true justice served for the crimes against black people. 

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