The Best Looks From Beyonce’s Visual Album ‘Black Is King’
Beyonce released her stunning visual album ‘Black is King’ on Friday exhibiting a vast range of looks with a mix of established high fashion designers as well as new age black and POC designers.
So let’s appreciate some of the styling and aesthetic highlights from the 81 minute visual accompaniment to ‘The Lion King: The Gift’.
Look #1: d.bleu.dazzled

Let’s begin with this bedazzled look for the song ‘Find Your Way Back’ made by d.bleu.dazzled which fits in with Beyonce‘s signature style of shimmering adornments.

The shining crystals are perfect for a song about finding your way.

Look #2: Ricardo Tisci
beyonce black is king

Next up is this cow print number designed by Ricardo Tisci the creative director of Burberry.

Who would have thought cow print and sexy could be said in the same sentence? Not I, however the corset paired wih the mini skirt achieves a strong and sultry look enhanced by accessorising with gold hardware and the braided horn headpiece.

Look #3: Solace London

Although the main attraction in Black is King is of course Beyonce, there were many points during the film where I really enjoyed the looks of the cast more than Queen B’s.

This shot was one of them – seeing black girls in these sparkling bubblegum pink swimsuits which accompanied the ruffled Solace London swimsuit Beyonce wore was a joyful moment.

Look #4: Francesca Tolot

This futuristic body paint by Francesca Tolot creating an avatar-esque look is out of this world styled with La Perla bra and pants and Lauren DeWitt crystal skirt.

Look #5: Lace By Tanaya

Lace by Tanaya is one of my favourite designers and I’ve followed her work for a long time so it’s really amazing to see her be a part of such a significant project.

Tanaya creates jewellery not as an accessory for an outfit but as adornments for the naked body so she was a great choice to make this custom crystal cape dress for Beyonce which has an angelic quality to it.

Look #6: Michaela Stark

The looks throughout Black is King play heavily with shapes and proportion and one of the most exciting examples is this denim ensemble by Michaela Stark styled with braids of extreme length and Chanel accessories.

Look #7: Timothy White and Neal Farinah

The strength in this custom Timothy White look is honestly quite overwhelming. Beyonce’s braided crown has its origins from the Mangbetu people from East Congo who wore styles like this to make their skull appear elongated to represent royalty and status.

Look #8: Tongoro Studio

The contrast of the pink suits with the black and white BAMAKO suit made by Senagalese brand Tongoro studios in this shot is simple yet striking.

Look #9: 5:31 JEROME and Sarah Sokol

For me, this was the look Beyonce looked most beautiful and powerful in.

If you’ve ever been to a Nigerian wedding you will feel the rich big mummy vibes this trench/jumper dress made from Nigerian lace and silk is giving off.

See Also

From the vibrant turquoise palette, to the hand beaded detail and the turban combined with a natural youthful beat that highlights the eyes, this look screams opulence!

Look #10: Thierry Mugler

Finally, we come to this psychedelic multicoloured dress by Thierry Mugler styled with matching tights and gloves.

The combination of the patterned background with the vivid patterned dress is done immaculately here, the key to which is the contrast between light and dark.

‘Black is King’ was a fashion and visual extravaganza so it was a hard feat to choose which looks were the best as Zerina Akers, Beyonce’s long time stylist, did each look justice.

Every frame was a treat to the eye but these looks for me really highlights Beyonce and her teams amazing eye and direction.

Black is King is available to watch on Disney+.

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