The CSM graduate leading the way for the next generation of designers

CSM graduate Patrick McDowell is leading the way for the next generation of fashion designers. At 23 the CSM graduate has already dressed Rita Ora, MIA, and Sinead Burke.

Patrick McDowell is already making an impact with his graduate collection. The designer spoke to Hunger magazine on the future of fashion.

“I see the future of fashion as a safe inclusive space for people to express their own individual style. Through customisation and customer design we will see a new era of a bespoke individualised clothing. I see a sustainable future of designers who value the ethics of their practice and impact their business has on the planet.”

McDowell’s design is his own unique take on existing sportswear fashion. His graduate collection ‘Climbing family’ is inspired by his father who was a rock climber. The collection is ‘mountain climbing chic,’ featuring reclaimed climbing jackets, old climbing harnesses, and boots. The designer is also passionate about making sure his designs are sustainable. He told Coeval Magazine that sustainability “shouldn’t be your USP. It should just be a part of your process as a designer.”

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The young designer’s ambitions for the industry are very inspiring. In a generation that is so heavily focused on what’s next, Patrick McDowell says that the people are in charge of the future fashion.

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