The Founders Of New Clothing Brand VSMINE Share Their Journey

The new upcoming clothing brand VSMINE started as a conversation in 2016. Fast-forward three years founders Ben Adofo and Victor Egunlae share their journey with us in an exclusive interview.

What motivated you both as founders to create VSMINE? 

Ben: “We have both bought into things that we felt have not matched our expectations or the price point when they arrive. Feeling frustrated, we just wanted to create products that we love. After talking about it for a while (years!), we decided that as a bare minimum we wanted to make clothes that we would be proud to wear ourselves. For us this meant high quality and a brand that reflects our stories. What keeps us going is the dream that one day we can walk around our hometown – or anywhere in the world – and recognise people wearing the products that make us proud.”

How would you describe VSMINE as a brand?

Victor: “A brand that comes across as unassuming but, when you look closer, you can see there has been thought and consideration behind every detail. We are not loud or boastful but when the product arrives, what we care about is our customers receiving not just a product, but also a great experience.”

What sets VSMINE apart from other clothing brands? 

Victor: “When we talk about VSMINE (pronounced Versus Mine) mine is belonging to me. It’s something that we created for us and you, not to compete with everything else that is out there. What sets us apart is that the most important thing for us is our message. VSMINE is the moment you truly realise you are in competition with nobody but yourself. It’s about us putting our best foot forward which is why every detail has been given our best. We have put our maximum into this brand and in doing so we hope to encourage others to put their maximum into whatever makes them happy.”

We can imagine a lot of work went into the brand, what advice would you give to other founders?

Ben: “Don’t be afraid to ask questions. It is OK not to know everything straight away. Don’t underestimate the value of your brand, stick to your vision and don’t lose sight of why you started.  Do your research. Find out what people need and if it’s already being supplied think about what makes your brand different. Everything is negotiable, and I mean everything. But it is easier to negotiate once you’ve built personal relationships. It’s easy to do everything online, but go and meet as many people involved in your business as possible. Learn to take constructive criticism on board, it’s far more important than compliments.”

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In the future, what can we expect to see from the brand? 

Ben: “We have just introduced people to our first product offering. Soon we will expand our range and produce more content. We will give our people an insight into what is important to VSMINE. Sustainability is always in the back of our minds, which is why our packaging is 100% recyclable. Rest assured, whatever we do will have the same high standards and attention to detail. We don’t want to create just for the sake of creating. Expect to see us go up a level.”

Check out VSMINE’s Website and Instagram page for recent posts!

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