The Future Of Modelling: Artificial Intelligence Company Creating Diversity In Stock Images

Startup company Rosebud AI are ahead of the game, finding innovative ways to get more representation in stock images. The company along with other companies have created 100,000 artificial intelligence stock images, taking it that step further using an algorithm to place any face onto any body within their stock image collection. The concept hopes to bring about more diversity in stock images as you are able to upload any face taking, for example, taking an image with a white model and turning the same image into a picture with a black model. 

Are we looking at the future of modelling? We all see the small steps AI is making towards changing our society, including replacing humans with artificial intelligence, already we have seen small scale representation of what the future may look like, such as supermarkets with automated self-service machines instead of human cashiers. Underestimating the power of technology who would have thought AI would also be after models jobs. Although this may be a way to solve a prominent issue in the fashion industry, are we skipping past the point? Diversity should mean taking the time out to book models of different colours, sizes and backgrounds and promote them. Real representation matters more than fake AI models when thousands of models of colour are hoping to be booked outside of their token roles. 


The beginning of AI to solve problems that humans can and should solve in a slippery slope to go down, Although still in early production stages the technology is available to use and companies will be using this service as an easy way out of actually hiring models of colour. We have seen this already with companies using a black person as the face of a campaign targeted towards a diverse audience while hiring little to no staff of colour. More and more people are standing up against this, including stars such as Beyoncé taking a strong stand against lack of representation and refusing to be used as the token black person. 

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With many conspiracy theories flying around and people wondering what the future will look like Rose AI  could stir up controversy and some interest thoughts as to how society and the fashion industry will look like post COVID-19.

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