The New Platform Which Seeks To Help Encourage Change Within the Creative Industry

Female director & filmmaker, Lolly, is launching a venture to help encourage active change within the creative industry. After reflecting on her experiences, she aims to help those other female creatives around her as well as the next upcoming generation who aspire to step into film-making. She has teamed up with other female creatives to create a visual campaign and platform named #WomenCreateToo which went live on International Women’s Day. We caught up with Lolly to gain an understanding of her aim and future prospects for the new platform.

What made you curate this campaign?

“This campaign was curated to launch the #WomenCreateToo platform. #WomenCreateToo is a social movement to firstly empower and shine a light on female filmmakers and directors who are currently navigating their way through the film industry as a woman of colour.

Secondly it aims to show the upcoming generation of young women that success is attainable within the creative industry. I had to discover this career, as I had been guided towards over careers that were less creative. Particularly for me, coming from an African household being creative was seen as a hobby as opposed to a way to make a living. Also, in the process of starting my journey, I struggled to find women of colour that looked like myself that I could look to for advice.”

In what ways will this help filmmakers and directors? 

“With this platform, we aim to empower, educate and elevate. Through a range of mediums, we want help female filmmakers and directors by opening up that door of opportunity for them to come through and succeed. We are looking to put on a range of workshops and events to bring the community together. As well as give a voice to those working to be recognised for their work and showcase the work of these women on our platform, and expand their reach to a wider audience.”

Why did you feel the need to amplify women in particular, do you feel like there is a lack of diversity in this space? 

“With a platform like this, there can often be a misconception that it doesn’t promote inclusivity. However, the aim is to encourage more people to look outside of what they know, and see that there is amazing female talent out there. Recognise them and hire them.

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Yes, there is still a lack of diversity in certain spaces. I am amongst a generation where we have had to make things happen for ourselves due to lack of opportunity. As a result this has left us in a position where we still need to make our presence known nto those ‘bigger spaces’. Diversity is one of the main topics of discussion in this current time, so we are stepping in the right direction. However, we need to see an active change. The more we are speaking up, the more things are being done, so we must continue to use our voices.”

What do you hope this campaign will do within the industry? 

“This campaign is to build awareness of the platform and also to encourage others to recognise that change will only start once we start to move together. Building a community allows us to come together and make a long-lasting difference. Within the wider industry, I want people to continue to recognise the importance of diversity and the need for equal representation.”

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