The Perfect Sustainable Fashion Staples by SANVT [@Sanvtofficial]

Digital fashion start-up Sanvt is rejecting seasonal collections, instead offering their customers premium essential classics that feel better and last longer.

The brand, founded in 2018, aims to be an alternative to fast fashion by responding and adapting to evolving consumer demands for more sustainable yet affordable clothing options.


SANVT currently offers 4 basic classics which are manufactured sustainably in Europe:

  • The perfect t-shirt
  • V-neck t-shirt
  • The perfect sweatshirt
  • Hoodie Sweatshirt

In July 2020 they added chino trousers for men to the range and plan to add more essentials to the collection in 2021.

The German-based brand also offers 18 different sizes as well as the option to choose your ideal width and length for a bespoke fit. In addition, an algorithm-based sizing calculator can help you choose your size based on height, width and shoe size.

It is much easier for brands starting up to build sustainable foundations than it is for bigger brands to make changes to their very well established practices, as a result they will be the future of sustainable fashion.


SANVT is very aware of this and is commited to engaging in sustainable and ethical practices.

Their clothing is made in partnership with two factories in Portugal whilst the product is cut and sewn in a small atelier. Their basic classics are then packaged with reusable and recycled paper, rather than the environmentally un-friendly poly-bags that are typically used, before being sent to you.

Their practices and partners are well documented on their website meeting the standards of transparency consumers increasingly expect from brands today.

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Each piece takes around 18 months to develop from inception to the final product undergoing an extensive research and design process.

If you’re wondering what the name SANVT means, it is derived from the German word ‘sanft’ meaning soft, smooth or gentle to reflect the premium quality materials their collection is made from.

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