The Simple Truth On How To Look Put Together

While on lockdown many of us are realising how much getting dressed and looking put together has an impact on our motivation, performance and overall well being. Getting dressed with nowhere to go is definitely sometimes necessary or just to convince your boss and work colleagues over zoom that your not completely losing your mind. The answer to looking put together is often in the small details of how we present ourself and the effort we make to look that bit more presentable ( even if we make it look as effortless as possible). The truth is, most people we admire for always looking so put together didn’t just wake up like this, it took years of consistently putting that extra bit of time in. Here are a few simple ways you can look put together! 

Give yourself enough time to get ready 

As hard is it may be to let go of those extra 20 minutes of sleep, imagine how much you can get done .Rushing is a sure way for something to go wrong, either spilling your breakfast on your shirt and having to pull out a less cute unironed version or just not giving yourself enough time to get ready without the stress. When you give yourself enough time to get ready you remember to check those small details that make all the difference such as ironing your shirt, tucking in,  zipping up, and giving yourself enough time to do your makeup. 

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Routines, routines… and more routines

Routines are great for getting yourself into consistent habits with things that you hate or are just not bothered to do, the more something becomes second nature to you the less of a nuisance or inconvenience it feels, it just flows into your routine. Set up different routines incorporating those things that you know make you feel more put together but you always forget to do. For example, set out times to give yourself a facial and go through your skincare routine and have a Sunday evening getting ready for the week routine.

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Get rid of poorly fitting clothes 

Wearing unflattering clothing is one way for you to feel uncomfortable and just not completely yourself, when you look uncomfortable people see it too. In order to look more put together throw out or head to the tailor with any items that are just not fitting you anymore. Not only will you look more put together but you will feel much more comfortable Comfort translates into confidence and confidence is one of the keys to looking put together. 

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Invest in good quality jewellery

Throwing on a few key accessories is a great way to dress up a super simple and casual outfit. Accessories show you made an effort to put things together. Having simple layered necklaces, small detail earrings and rings definitely creates a more put together and effortless look. Side tip, make sure your jewellery isn’t rusting or the colour isn’t fading, invest in a few simple pieces of good quality jewellery that you can wear regularly. 

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Tackle that pile of ironing

A task we all truly despise. Ironing. The simple fact is that ironing is a task that must be done and makes all the difference to your look. Wearing a cute white top and jeans only works as a simple chic outfit when the top is stain free and crisp. Save yourself the rush of ironing every morning and take the time out to skim through your wardrobe and iron a few pieces you know you will likely be wearing throughout the week. 

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If you’re not going to do it properly don’t do it at all 

This applies to many things in life, no one likes to do a half-hearted job, especially when you can tell. This applies to getting ready, particularly makeup. Unblended makeup and off coloured foundation is another way to look like you didn’t put the time and effort into getting ready. Rushing through your makeup can mean not taking the time out to blend everything in, so why not give yourself that extra time to pay attention to the details or if you don’t have the time go bare-faced, throw on some lip gloss a bit of mascara and your good to go. If your going to wear foundation take the time out to go to your favourite foundation brand and test the colours on your skin, there are even various services available where you can get a beautician t check what colour fits you perfectly. Looking put together is all about taking the time out to tailor your style, makeup and hair to what suits you!

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