The Wednesday Watchlist ft. [@AshleyWalters82], [@Callmecadet], [@nines1ace]

The Wednesday Watchlist aims to highlight the music content you may have missed.

The Wednesday Watchlist is back again with more music related content you need to watch. Whether it’s interviews or documentaries, these are the pieces of content you should be watching at the moment. They are all music related in some way or another whether it’s a music personality presenting, a discussion of music, or a breakdown of a career/project.

Must Watch Interview/Short Watch – Ashley Walters on Capital Xtra

Ashley Walters is a pioneer in this so any chance to hear him speak is a must watch. But this interview in particular is great as although it’s kept pretty to the point it covers the key points of his journey from MC to actor and executive producer of a tv series.

Long Watch/Mini-Film – Crop Circle 2 by Nines

The surprise sequel to Crop Circle from Nines that lands almost 2 years on from the original. As with the first the soundtrack is provided by Nines but is made up almost entirely from his back catalogue. The one exception is the new and unreleased track ‘Flavours’. The story picks up where the first Crop Circle left off so if you were a fan of that it’s time to see how things will unfold again.

Must Watch Documentary – The Legend: Blaine x Cadet

A year on and the passing of Cadet is still in the hearts of everyone. Having recently had his The Rated Legend album released posthumously his family and friends have now also come together for this documentary. Shot by AmarudonTV we get insight into Blaine, the person outside of the music and a real personal look at him from childhood onwards. It is a very special documentary for the UK scene and an insight into one of the most inspiring talents we had the pleasure of seeing.

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