The Wednesday Watchlist Vol.3

The Wednesday Watchlist aims to highlight the music content you may have missed.

The Wednesday Watchlist is back again with more music related content you need to watch. Whether it’s interviews or documentaries, these are the pieces of content you should be watching at the moment. They are all music related in some way or another whether it’s a music personality presenting, a discussion of music, or a breakdown of a career/project.

Must Watch Interview – The Deep End: ONEFOUR

Australia’s premier Drill collective ONEFOUR sat down for a pretty in depth conversation about their career to date. With a lot of members currently locked up JM and Spenny came out to represent for the team and discussed all sorts from UK reaction channels, police pressure on live shows, international reach and more. It’s a nice one to see and shows the impact of UK Drill globally beyond the typical look at America. You can also check out ONEFOUR‘s latest track ‘Say It Again’ featuring A$AP Ferg here.

Long Watch – Halfcast Podcast: Chip vs Link Up Tv

If you don’t know about Halfcast Podcast by now, where have you been? It is an interesting one hosted by Chuckie and Poet, both musical personalities in their own right who discuss all things in the culture. On this episode they discuss the recent Link Up TV documentary Shots Fired which Chuckie and Poet also feature in. The documentary got taken down from YouTube causing it’s own set of controversy and Chuckie and Poet discuss that and more.

Must Watch Documentary – Shots Fired

See Also

The aforementioned, now controversial, Shots Fired documentary is available to watch but only on Link Up TV‘s site. The documentary covers the period of Chip going to war with absolutely everyone but primarily Tinie, Bugzy Malone and Yungen. There are a number of familiar faces from the culture that feature besides those already mentioned. They offer an interesting and in depth discussion of not only the back and forths but some of the stuff surrounding it, and do a great job of capturing an important cultural moment from the scene.

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