The Wednesday Watchlist ft [@AmaruDonTV],[@HenrieVIII], and more

The Wednesday Watchlist aims to highlight the music content you may have missed.

With so much music coming out the other sides of the music game sometimes fall to the side, the Wednesday Watchlist aims to fix that. Whether it’s interviews or documentaries, these are the pieces of content you need to be watching at the moment. They are all music related in some way or another whether it’s a music personality presenting, a discussion of music, or a breakdown of a career/project.

Short Watch – Insight to Insomnia (Skepta, Chip, Young Adz)

Insomnia is the most iconic project to come out of the UK in a long time so it’s only right we got to see some of the process behind it. From the three linking up, the vibe in the studio, and some of the gems that come out of it this short watch is a must even if the project didn’t tickle your fancy. If you have a passing interest in any of the artists involved, getting to see them in the light they’re in with this documentary will make a great watch.

Long watch – Terms & Conditions

Drill is still the hottest musical property in the UK whether we want to admit it or not. The controversy paired with the calibre of artists it’s produced means it isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. This documentary goes in depth and is about as good of a wholistic picture of the Drill movement and scene as we can expect. Touching on its origins, the fallout and criticism, women’s roles in it, and more it really is a beginners guide to the Drill scene.

Must Watch Interview – RV on AmarudonTV

If you’re going to watch any interviews, besides ours, it should be AmaruDonTV‘s. He might have had comparisons to VladTV throughout the years, but the only way they are comparable is in the format: interviewer off camera, artist front and centre, and the tone being very conversational. Beyond that, the two diverge quite a bit. This latest sit down with RV is testament to his skills as an interviewer as he gets one of the Drill scenes biggest talents to shine a light on himself that we haven’t seen. It’s a great interview and I personally can’t wait for the follow up just based on how much good content there was in this.

See Also

Must Watch Documentary – …Is Your Area Changing (Henrie Kwushue)

This might not be about music directly but it is presented and was put together by one of music’s most exciting personalities Henrie. With gentrification being a huge issue for a lot of communities it’s important real people’s stories are told in this way. The effects can be seen so drastically in the differences between the demographics that are in each area at what time. A great series with episode two focussing on Peckham already being out. This is a series for those who care about the social impact of gentrification, as well as those who are proud of the areas they have come from.

That’s all for this weeks Wednesday Watchlist but keep an eye out for it popping up again shortly. If you have any suggestions on future Wednesday Watchlist content feel free to message me on social @Z_Chibs on Twitter and Instagram.

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