The Wonderful Mind Behind I May Destory You’s Michaela Coel In Conversation With Louis Theroux

Louis Theroux

Michaela Coel Is The First Guest On Podcast Show; Grounded with Louis Theroux.

Earlier this year, Louis Theroux announced that he was working on a podcast that would interview high profile figures across popular culture. And after the release of episode 1, we are not disappointed. Speaking on Grounded with Louis Theroux, the first guest was the one and only Michaela Coel.

Michaela Coel is a creator and writer of Chewing Gum, and the powerful BBC drama I May Destroy You, which has been one of the most culturally impactful shows of 2020. The BAFTA award-winning creative spoke candidly with Louis Theroux about her success, her relationship with christiainity and the post-writum depression she is experiencing now that I May Destroy You has been released.

Coel said “Because of the pandemic, I almost felt like I was watching this show take a whole new life as it was morphing and growing and becoming a public show. I also felt like a spectator – in a good way! It made me able to appreciate the success of the show without connecting it to myself.”

The creator continued to say “I’m just grieving,” she explained. “I’m not even busy. I’m just sat here, running, walking, meditating. I am really just in that artist depression-y bit. I’ll be out soon, I just need to go through it a little bit.”

In the hour-long conversation, the two creators discuss sexual consent and all of the complexities that comes with the way that we even communicate our sexuality. Coel is unfraid to challenge Theroux when questioned about her thoughts on what is right or wrong when it comes to consent. Confidently admitting that there is a grey area across many situations people face on an everyday basis. Listen to Michaela Coel on Grounded with Louis Theroux here.

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