The Youth Are At The Forefront of The #EndSARS Movement.


#EndSARS is the most important movement in Nigeria right now & Is Being Lead By The Youth.

The #EndSARS movement is the largest organised protest in Nigeria in recent years. In the last few weeks, thousands of young Nigerians took to the streets to march, sit-in, and even sleep on Nigeria’s streets to protest SARS. Created in 1992, SARS stands for Special Anti-Robbery Squad. A Nigerian police unit who were created to protect the Nigerian people from violent crimes like kidnapping and robbery.


Eighteen years after its creation, SARS is now known to the Nigerian people as an organisation that extorts, robs, injures, and kills their country’s innocent citizens. Before now, there have been many attempts by the Nigerian people to advocate against SARS. However, never has it been to such a global level.

In the last week, protests have spread to every major city in Nigeria, and protests in solidarity are happening in New York, South Africa, London, and Berlin. The EndSars youth organisers called to abolish SARS all together. By October 11, after a series of worldwide protests, the Inspector General of Police; Mohammed Adamu announced that the unit would be dissolved. However, protestors are still rightfully unappeased due to the same police in SARS being re-disrupted into other departments within law enforcement.

The police have used a band-aid to treat a fatal blow to the Nigerian people and have ironically created SWAT (Special Weapons and Tactics) to replace SARS and carry out SARS’s original duties. Thus, ignoring the widespread issue that Nigeria faces with police brutality in the workforce. 


#EndSARS is not just a hashtag, it means life and death to many Nigerians, especially the youth. Demonstrations continue across cities and townships, and the people remain passionate as strength is built by the growing support. So whether it is by sharing what is happening, protesting in your city or signing petitions. There are many ways for those of us in the diaspora, to support a movement that is not a Nigerian problem but a human one. Organisations like SARS should be made a clear example of, that the majority cannot stand for this type of violence and treatment of the innocent.

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