#TheDisgustedCampaign Launches Their First One-Day Event 9.12.17 [@Iammisssia]

“The Disgusted Campaign is one which aims to increase visibility of marginalised groups within mainstream media.”  – Sia Tondoneh

Curated by Sia Tondoneh The disgusted campaign was created to break down the existing commercialised beauty standards that currently exist within mainstream and social media. The aim is to carve out a path ” for those who are under-represented in the beauty and fashion sphere”. It aims to create a community of people from all different shapes/sizes/ages/genders. The collective goal is to “challenge our subconscious views of beauty to consciously ‘Change the Perception. “

Sia Tondoneh

After becoming a cast member of the highly watched Youtube show BkChat London,  Sia Tondoneh found out very quickly that cyber-bullying and ‘fatphobia’ still existed across digital platforms.  The backlash reinstated to her that the lack of representation of women that looked like her in mainstream media was still very prominent.

“After becoming a cast member on season two of the hit YouTube show, ‘BkChat London’, I quickly became aware of how much cyber bullying and Fatphobia existed. The backlash revealed to me the lack of representation of women who looked just like me in mainstream media.” Said Sia Tondoneh, Founder and CEO of #TheDisgustedCampaign.

The event will consist of a fashion show with models who represent women on a wide spectrum.  Not just the standardised size 6 template that is conveyed throughout mainstream media. Panel discussions will aim to cultivate conversations that encourage different opinions. It will also question the current climate within the beauty and fashion industry. The aim is to tackle perceptions and perceptions “cannot be changed without ideas, and actions stemming from those ideas. The panel discussion opens the floor to these ideas and action plans.”  There will also be live performances from some of London’s up & coming talents.


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The event will take place at Hackney Attic, Mare Street, London, E8 1HE on the 9th of December 2017  from 19:00 – 21:30 

Tickets can be found HERE.

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