[@TheGlowPot] The all new Natural Skincare Line

As you should know, we at GUAP love to give our readers the best of the best. So I am going to introduce you to The glow pot! A new skincare line based in the UK.

‘The Glow Pot’ is a NEW beauty brand jam packed with an organic skincare range to enhance and empower its customers.

Now let me give you a little background history. The glow pot was founded and created by Ofome Eyanaghon, a 23-year-old business woman who took time to educate herself on skin care. She researched deeper into chemical free products which helps the skin to enhance naturally.

 ”We wanted to focus on growing our natural brand and our customer base, delivering great customer service and inspiring more people to feel more confident in their own skin.

Being a skincare fanatic I have personally done my research on whats good for the skin and what’s toxic for the skin too. Reading their main ingredients I can say Ofome definietely knows what she is doing. With the main indredigents being Avocado oil, Bentonite Clay, Liquorice Root and Acai Berry. These have many benefits for the skin and helps tackle common skin problems such as hyperpigmentation, scars and acne.

This skin care brand is definetely the ones to watch in 2018 because as they said themselves they are going to take 2018 by storm with their cruelty-free skincare, all natural, all organic skincare line.

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Here is their product list below;

Sweet Orange Lip Balm 10ml £5.00
Cucumber Cleanser 150ml £14.00
Acai and Goji Berry 2 in 1 Microdermabrasion Mask and Scrub £14.00
Black Clay and Liquorice Face Mask £15.00
Orange and Chamomile Aloe Toner 150ml  £15.00
Vitamin Ace Moisturiser £15.50
The Cleanse and Tone Set (1 X 150ml Orange and Chamomile Aloe Toner and 1 X 150ml Cucumber Cleanser) £24.50
The Cleanse, Tone and Moisturise Set (1 x 150ml Orange and Chamomile Aloe Toner, 1 x 150ml Cucumber Cleanser, 1 x 60ml Vitamin ACE Moisturiser) £39.50

Check them out on social media and definitely tell them we sent you there!

Abiola x
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