[@THEREALGHETTS] is making sure that you ‘Listen’ on his latest drop

If you want nothing but bars over a gritty instrumental ‘Listen’ is the track for you.

‘Listen’ is taken from the Top Boy album that was curated to go alongside the latest series. The project boasts a number of excellent tracks that complimented the long-awaited return of the series. Having Ghetts on the soundtrack felt fitting with the MC hailing from East London where the show is set. But more so the track wouldn’t have been out of place in the show itself. ‘Listen’ is laced in grit and fits well with the many tense moments across Top Boy‘s latest season.

“I maximise wins, take minimum loss”

Ghetts is a wordsmith all over the track in typical form with a variety of flows and wordplay throughout. The reason that this works so well is in no small part down to the production from Sir Spyro. Spyro is responsible for producing so many of Grimes hits, as well as facilitating the growth of the genre through both DJ’ing and hosting radio shows. You can hear a relatively simple Spyro production on ‘Listen’ but this aids in how strong the lyricism is.

As a close, it’s a nice place to circle back to the Top Boy relationship. ‘Listen’ has many moments where it mimics the show: from not having a “plug” and having to steal, the balance of being cordial yet extremely violent when dealing with rivals, and even how the people you’re around can get you into trouble especially if you aren’t into the life they are. It is great how well the two tie together, and if you haven’t already give Top Boy season 3 a watch – it is much more than a depiction of a gangland mad Black Britain, the nuances and subject matter is pertinent in our current political climate.

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