[@therichardsbros] let us know ‘It’s Been Live’

Manchester’s The Richards, release official visuals to go alongside their track ‘It’s Been Live’.

The Richards are a duo of brothers from Manchester. They have been plying their hands at their trade predominantly from doing covers of tracks on their YouTube channel, as well as dropping a few original tracks in there as well. This release had a live version released prior on UNILADs YouTube channel in January 2017. Now almost a year and a half on we get studio recorded audio with some clean accompanying visuals for the track.

There’s something about their sound on ‘It’s Been Live’ that just brings Loyle Carner vibes to mind, but with the added edge of having incredibly strong vocalling ability. But don’t let this fool you, a quick look through their other videos will let you know the pair are comfortable lyrically traversing a variety of production styles. On ‘It’s Been Live’ we do get to see the mellower side with almost an old school hip-hop feel to it in terms of production and flows. Then the chorus hits almost out of nowhere with vocals you would not have been expecting in the build up. It’s a smooth, laid-back summer track, perfect for the weather at the moment.

As an introduction to the duo, this does nothing but suggest that their talent should take them far so long as they play their cards right and can keep this level of quality up.

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