“I think I’m cheeky with it, I’m confident” [@Swarmz__ ] Speaks With [@KhadejiaG]


Swarmz is the talk of the town ever since the success of ‘Lyca’ which hit 8 Million views. From Footballer to Rapper, the rising star from Greenwich is one to watch.

From reaching the official charts (Top 40), performing at Strawberries and Creem festival and dropping the ‘Lyca’ Remix with Yungen and NSG, I caught up with Swarmz to see what he’s been up to.

What is Lyca, how did it come about ?

It’s a thing that came up in my head, my family and friends use it, so I though “Let me just make a song out of it” and then it just happened. It’s a sim card that everyone knows about and it’s around me daily.

How did it feel when reaching 5 million views ?

Crazy ! I wasn’t really expecting that, I thought it was just going to hit 700K maybe and now it’s just gone over that so I’m happy.

Have you told your mum ?

Yes, she is on it more than me, she wakes me up and is like “It’s now on X amount of views”. I told her about it before but she didn’t really understand – now she has seen me on TV and radio she’s happy now.

Did you expect that response ?

No, never I just have to keep on releasing bangers now.

What is your relationship with Abdi like ?

He’s a good friend now, I have met him on the journey, I done a show in Northampton not too long ago and that’s how I met him and then from that we clicked and started working together. I showed him ‘Lyca’ and he liked it and then we started working together.

How have you adapted to this new lifestyle ?

It’s crazy. When I was doing the songs before, I was only known where I live and in my area, but now when I go other places people recognise me. When I was in West London the other day a girl stopped me and was like “You are Swarmz”, so I’m getting noticed by a lot of people but it’s good recognition. It’s positive.

Why is Bob Marley a big inspiration for you?

I’m from a Caribbean background, my mum is from Barbados and my dad is from Jamaica. Bob Marley is played a lot in my house, it’s been playing since I was like 5 and I’m 21 now so he’s been in my head. I listen to his music as well because his words are so strong. I would also say Popcaan, Vybz Kartel, Beenine Man, Elephant Man and Bounty Killa are also inspirations.

Can you play any instruments ?

Yes, I was playing the piano the other day and back in school I used to play it.

How would you differentiate yourself to other rappers ?

I think I’m cheeky with it, I’m confident.

I don’t really care what people say and I do what I thinks right. I also used to play football back in the day whilst music was just a hobby.

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Do you have an input when your are in the studio?

Of course, I always try to give my opinion, but most of the time my manager has got it so he doesn’t really need help.

Does your inspiration come from your environment?

Yes, what I do and what used to happen, I try to put that in my music to express myself.

What is your opinion on the politics around Drill at the moment?

I think it’s silly. Violence was already happening before Drill was a genre. For me personally, I think them taking the music down is just going to make people angry because these artists are obviously spending money and time which they have worked hard for, for it to just be deleted. Right now the crime rate is bad, but them doing music is positive so them trying to take that away, its going to make it worse.

What is the most positive thing that’s happened to you?

I singed a single deal with Virgin records, so that was a big thing. Me signing comes with a lot of perks – so a lot of studio time, interviews, being recognised and a lot of promotion so they have helped and guided me so it’s all positive vibes right now.

What is the goal ?

We dropped the ‘Lyca’ remix with Yungen and NSG so another single and an album with a couple of artists on. After that I’m going to do a headline show at the end and that will be this year.

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