TikTok Comedian ‘Youngyaso’ [@UyiOmorogbe] Is Improving Schools In Nigeria Through His Fashion Brand Naso.

You’ve probably seen Uyi Omorogbe’s series of TikTok videos ‘Pissing of my African parents’ and maybe like me, you wonder how he gets away with it? Well he builds schools in his parent’s hometowns in Nigeria, facilitated by his brand Naso.

Nigerian-American Uyi Omorogbe initially began creating funny videos for social media to draw attention to Naso which means ‘That’s right, well done”.

The strategy was to put out content that the target audience for his brand could relate to and it worked as Omorogbe amassed 1.8 million followers on TikTok with each video he posts going viral.


Omorogbe was inspired to create Naso in college after he returned to Nigeria during his senior year to visit his Dad’s village Urhokuosa.

He encountered a culture shock when he discovered the primary school his Dad went to was lacking basic necessities such as tables, chairs or even a bathroom. Despite this children would still attend the school willing and eager to learn.

As a result, Omorogbe decided to marry his Western and African background in the form of modern and minimal clothing and use the proceeds to pay it forward by helping to renovate schools in Nigerian villages.

A few months after launching NASO in 2017 with the help of a kickstarter campaign, Omorogbe was able to return to the village his father grew up in and build a new school for the community.

Through his fashion brand, the TikTok star has been able to empower the next generation with better education as well as create economic opportunities in Nigeria and East Africa.

Local tailors manufacture Naso’s clothing while local construction workers and carpenters work on the schools, with 7% of every purchase going towards this.

Omorogbe is committed to a community first approach that will create a cycle of empowerment in Nigeria and hopefully other countries in Africa over time.

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