Lagos-Based Musician Tim Lyre Peppers the Alte Scene With His First 2021 Single “Real”

Words by: Blossom Maduafokwa

Burgeoning Afro-Fusion act Tim Lyre has just dropped his newest track “Real”, and it’s damn good.

With his first single released in 2016 and collaborations with artists such as PrettyboyDO, DAP The Contract, and Chop Life Crew, Tim Lyre is certainly no novice in Nigeria’s music scene. Lyre makes music that can comfortably be described as “Afro-fusion”, a label with all the deviation of Alte except with a bit more room for musical liberties. Given the freedom that genre label allows, Tim Lyre’s robust discography features chill Rap, Alte, Fusion Trap, Afrobeats, R&B, and everything in between.

His fluid music stylings have been a quiet powerhouse in the Alte sphere since his entry to the scene, but the last listeners heard from the artist was his versatile 2020 EP 3 Strains made in conjunction with British-Nigerian artist Fasina. To everybody’s excitement, however, he has returned, this time with a raw, authentic new single called “Real”.

Largely reminiscent of neo-soul, “Real” is a track that is a far cry from conventional Afrobeats or even the broader constraints of Alte. But of course, such is the work of Tim Lyre: he cannot be pinned down genre-wise and flourishes that way. The track is grounded by steady percussion, electric guitar, and Lyre’s lyricism about the intricacies of a fraught relationship. Walking the listener through the well-known processes of jealousy, communication, and simply “trying to work it out,” Tim Lyre’s words refuse to skirt around the realities of relationships and, instead, present to us something that is undeniably “Real”. His voice, which shifts from commanding to soothing to accompany his lyrics, only adds to the track’s vulnerability and dynamism. In short, “Real” is an essential track for your R&B and Alte playlists, and it is bound to put Lyre on this year’s Alte radar. 

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Stream Tim Lyre’s “Real” here.

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