‘Time Is Money’ and Natalie C isn’t wasting either

‘Time Is Money’ is the third single from the young songstress Natalie C.

Natalie C is probably a name you haven’t heard yet, but if ‘Time Is Money’ is anything to go by she will be a name on everyone’s lips soon. Hailing from South West London, she is already on the rise and supported Mundu on February 13th. Being a late 90s baby, she draws influence just as much from the early 90s and 00s as she does our current musical climate. From music to fashion that era’s defining elements of R&B, Soul, and Hip Hop have rubbed off on the 22-year-old.

‘Time Is Money’ definitely has that early 00s and 90s feel running all the way through it. Producer Money Mikes did a great job of channelling that nostalgia without it feeling dated, you could very easily imagine the beat being made for someone like Jhene Aiko. Mikes, who Natalie describes as “the Timbaland to her Aaliyah” seems to be an R&B artist’s dream and what a time it is to be an R&B artist in the UK. As a pair Natalie and Mikes have clear musical chemistry, it would be interesting to see them work on an entire project together.

On ‘Time Is Money’ we get a glimpse at the young stars talent. From her ability to write down to the vocal performance, Natalie has immense potential. Whilst still being in her early twenties there is still definitely room to grow and that’s exciting. That’s by no means to say that her sound is immature it’s far from it, but the directions she can go in right now are vast. Whilst we all love that 90s vibe, the culture has shifted and we like to see the global influences in our music as much as we want to see the American side. As such Natalie‘s next few releases will be pivotal and very interesting to see.

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You can stream ‘Time Is Money’ here.

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