Has Times Magazine erased the most important silence breaker yet?

Finally, Women have been awarded for the thing that they have been distrusted for.

Speaking up against sexual assault.

These brave women efforts haven’t gone to waste as Ashley Judd won a case against Harvey WeinstienSusan Fowler spoke up and forced UBER to change the way they run things. Isabel Pascual (pseudonym) from Mexico, spoke up against a man stalking and harassing her, despite him threatening both her and her family’s life and a hospital worker who chose to remain silent.

‘I thought, “what just happened? Why didn’t I react?”‘ she said. ‘I kept thinking, “did I do something, did I say something, did I look a certain way to make him think that was OK?”‘



However, One more person on the cover brought resentment in a lot of people.

People argued why Taylor Swift was on the cover. Given her popularity and the amount of followers she has, she never talks about sexual abuse and other taboo subjects that could reach lots of people.



But the funniest part of all, is that they missed out one of the most important people, if not the most important person as a spokesperson and a kick starter to this whole discussion on sexual abuse and harassment this year,  Tarana Burke.

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Tarana Burke, a longstanding advocate for sexual abuse victims. She created the #MeToo hashtag that has been shared more than 825,000 times on twitter. This allowed lots of people from all over the world to come forward and speak about the unfortunate experiences they’ve had by either being sexually harassed or abused and even both.

After these empowering tweets, it was hard for men to collectively call these women out as ‘sluts’ and ‘whores and that they were ‘simply asking for it’ because 200 and more people couldn’t all be possibly lying. It made a lot of people realise their mistake in victim blaming and has empowered a lot of women who thought they were alone this whole time. It has even encouraged people to be more open and vocal about their experiences in the future. This hashtag has created a safe space amongst thousands of people who do not even know each other.


Isn’t she powerful enough to be featured in The Times cover?

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