Tinie Tempah’s [@TinieTempah] Youth Album Review

A whole lot of Pop, not a lot of fizz.

Well, we finally got an album from Tinie Tempah after he released his last album Demonstration 3 years ago; which  for me, was a stronger body of work than its older brother Youth. I felt like with an album full of such strong production from some of the UK’s best producers like Nana Rogues some of the tracks could have been stronger. Other than the singles I would say the features and production are probably the highlights of the album. My favourites from the album? ”

My favourites from the album?They Don’t Know” and “So Close”.

Standout Tracks

Not For The Radio (feat. MNEK)

I really like NMEK’s vocals on this track. Especially the vocals before the drop. It’s so raw and real. This was also written and produced by him.


Lightwork is what I call a hype track. Makes you feels good, make you bop along, has you a little gassed. But it doesn’t really have substance. Tinie brags about his achievements, (and rightly so) with the hook “you see the hits, lightwork“. It’s cheeky and catchy but as a whole sort of forgettable.

If you know (feat. Tiggs Da Author)

If you know then you know. I really like this one. Tiggs Da Author really makes this track for me. The hook is catchy and stays in your head and feels really London to me. Like any Londoner will know the term, “If you Know then you Know” and feel like part of the inside joke.

Holy Moly

The track I’ve heard a lot of buzz about. Production wise, I think it’s heavy and strong. Good head bumper. Tinie does what he’s good at on the hook, giving us Catchy lyrics and cheeky flow.

They Don’t Know (feat Kid Ink, Stefflon Don & AoD)

Love this track. I like the pop vibe and the low key chilled vibe that the beat pushes out. Stefflon Don shines on this one and lives up to her name as The Don.

See Also

So Close (feat. Guy Sebastian and Bugzy Malone)

Love this track. Guy Sebastian’s voice is so soothing and Bugzy Malone ends the song strong.

Overall, This album has some tracks that are good, as a whole its not the strongest album from Tinie but it has some good catchy songs that the pop lovers will love. The features and production probably make this what it is as I felt it was a little lacklustre.

Youth is out now.

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