Top 5 ultimate samples with Regina Jaiy [@ReginaJaiy]

For a lot of us, Music is important, and samples have the power to make music live on. For me, a good sample is when I can enjoy the production, melody or lyrics all over again in a way that reignites my love for the original; or sometimes even to the point discovering an artist or genre that I wouldn’t normally venture out to. That sounds simplistic but I think music is simple and complicated and genius; all in one.

Samples do beg the questions to be asked; have we lost our creativity? Are we moving into a generation of copycats? And if we are relying so heavily on the past, what hope do we have for the future of music?

Honestly, I think in some ways we are being a bit lazy but without looking back can we really look forward?

So here are My Top 5 – Samples


Fabolous Feat. Jazzy – Real One
Produced by – Automatik
Summertime Shootout Mixtape (2015)

Samples – Lauryn hill Lost Ones (1998), Fugees – Killing Me Softly (1996)

I was late to the game with this one. This song takes 2 classics and makes them fresh and new.this is a track for the summer (even if it came out last summer) If you haven’t heard Fabolous’s Mixtape Summertime Shootout listen to it here.



Teyana Taylor – Undercover
Produced by – J.R. Rotem

the cassette tape 1994

Samples Bell, Biv, DeVoe – Poison  (1990)

This track pays real homage to a true throwback. From the fashion to the choreography to the production. And Teyana’s Mixtape? Pure fire.  Listen to it here.



Smino – blkjuptr
Produced by – Monte Booker
Samples Janet Jackson – I get Lonely (1997)

I love this guy!! This track is so smooth and soothing. The visuals are dark and moody. Using Janet Jackson’s I get Lonely in the hook was genius.



SNS – Love Comes Down

Produced by KidTheWiz

Samples  Evelyn “Champagne” King Love Come Down (1982)

KidTheWiz has been EVERYWHERE with this one. It makes sense. Like undercover, you can’t help but dance and move. It’s also great that we’ve just received some visuals which match the moody of the track.

See Also



Drake – Teenage Fever

Produced by – Hagler

More Life (2017)

Samples Jennifer Lopez –  If You Had My Love (1998)

More recently, Drake worked with Hagler to produce the midtempo banger “Teenage Fever”. Hagler’s beat definitely gave space for the sultry and perhaps moody vocals in the hook.

And that’s my Top 5 tracks with samples of the moment.


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