Trace Collective: The Fashion Brand Regenerating Nature

Trace Collective is a London based brand with a focus on sustainable design for both men and women. Creating a contemporary and conscious minimalistic aesthetic, each collection is inspired by transparent and ethical choices. With fashion revolution week just last week and designers having more time to consider how they can create more consciously, brands like Trace Collective are providing inspiration and pioneering a much-needed fashion revolution.

Trace Collective use carefully sourced natural materials and innovative methods to promote a more effective supply chain. Distinctive details alongside understated silhouettes, luxury material and design are all important aspects involved in creating new timeless wardrobe staples. With longevity and traceability at the core of each piece, a new type of fashion is conceived, one in which beautiful design is responsibly made and without sacrificing style. At its core a social business, Trace Collective was created to reshape the interaction of the fashion industry with the planet and society.

​Founded by Antonia and Aroa, the duo have made it their mission through Trace Collective to not only produce garments that consider the environment but also actively produce positive environmental and social impact. This informs the whole design process and supply chain choices, from textiles to manufacturing. Setting out from the beginning to build a brand that drives environmental regeneration in a fully circularly designed model, while still appealing to a growing fashion-savvy audience.

With complimentary experiences in branding, retail, and social entrepreneurship, the founders select brilliant young designers for each collection to elevate their work and influence their sustainability thinking, all with full transparency, customers can find out exactly where and how their clothes were made, the costs and environmental impact easily with all information available through QR codes placed on the clothing label.

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 Representing their desire to nurture and embrace mother nature, in Trace Collective’s first collection the colour palette embodies the textures and colours of the earth’s natural materials with earthy and warm tones and using only linen and hemp both perfect for the coming spring and summer months as well as being regenerative fabrics needing very little water to grow as well as being great for promoting soil fertility and biodiversity. 

Check out the collection and find out more on their website

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