[@TTG_Lolo] Enters the game like ‘007’

Rap scene newcomer ‘Lolo’ drops James Bond-themed track ‘007’

I can imagine Lolo isn’t a name on many people’s lips, or even on many people’s radar. But if this track is anything to go by he could be one to watch. ‘007’ clearly has a James Bond theme which mainly comes through in the incredibly catchy chorus. More so, the track is an interesting play on James Bond related content with a clear street twist. Themes of seduction, being smooth, and handling problems – all are inherent to the James Bond universe but also the streets which Lolo does well to pick up on and invert into the street narrative his track is really about.

But enough about James Bond and more about the music. If you need a reason to listen, keep looking out for Lolo it is undoubtedly due to his sound. In ‘007’ there are elements to the track reminiscent of an early 50 Cent or G-Unit, both in production and content. There seems to also be some closer to home influences such as, the harsh delivery of Snap Capone and the melodic but gritty style of J Hus. More than that, there is something about Lolo that is charismatic and draws you in to want to listen more.

If you need more proof that he is one to watch, he already has a BL@CKBOX freestyle – the same platform that launched careers for the likes of Abra Cadabra and Berna. This came out before ‘007’ and in the time between then and now he has seemingly added melody to his arsenal, which shows just how talented Lolo has the potential to be. Ultimately it shows that he is just at the start of his musical journey and has huge room to grow. Despite this room for growth and future exploits what we can also see in Lolo is individualism, despite the nods to those who have influenced him.

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