Up-cycled vintage brand REMIX by ATIKA, present exclusive collection ‘Re-make Re-model’ [@atikalondon]

Up-cycled vintage brand REMIX by ATIKA, present exclusive collection ‘Re-make Re-model’ [@atikalondon]

London born, youth-focused and up-cycled vintage brand REMIX by ATIKA, sister brand to ATIKA London, present their exclusive collection ‘Re-make Re-model’, with ethical practices being at the core of everything they do. REMIX’s campaign explores the journey from the design process in their East London studio, to working with their local manufacturer to drive volume responsibly and also minimise carbon footprint. The raw product is sent to the factory for rework and is packaged in reusable fabric sacks. Maintaining the conscious REMIX values.

As with every collection, Re-make Re-model has been produced, reworked and reconstructed from vintage garments previously in an unsellable condition. Using offcuts from previous collections, vintage denim, military surplus, vintage pieces, and remnant fabrics leftover from mass production. Contrast stitching, appliqué, bold colours and adding of panels to reshape silhouettes of garments, give the collection masculine tones, with feminine injections that define the brand.

Simple alterations to more complex reworking, present the collection with a youthful aesthetic and a new lease of life. While utilising waste product and saving them from landfill. REMIX is continually working on innovative ways of reducing waste and recycling garments in their designs. Contributing to an environmentally responsible and fashion-forward future. 

available today online and in-store at ATIKA London .

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