Valentino Debuts All White Collection In Fashion Film ‘Of Grace And Light’

Pierpaolo Piccoli, creative director of Maison Valentino has teamed up with Nick Knight, Philip Treacy and FKA Twigs to create a stunning ‘phygital’ fashion show for the haute couture label’s A/W 2021 collection.

Haute Couture is all about creating cutting edge – no pun intended – experiences through clothing and Piccoli has impressively translated this digitally.

Valentino presented the A/W 2021 collection in a live performance directed via zoom by Nick Knight and Phillip Treacy in conjunction with Knight’s fashion production company SHOW studio

An Italian film crew captured the circus-inspired collection which premiered on screen IRL to a small audience at Cinecitta Studios in Rome – the largest film studio in Europe.

Of Grace and Light begins with a sequence of magnificent dresses floating through black space illuminated by colourful shapes and motifs.

The ethereal film is set to FKA Twigs’ haunting song ‘Mary Magdalene’ against a black background that is the perfect contrast to the white dresses adorned with feathers, ruffles and chiffon.

The nearly all-white collection of 15 extravagant silhouettes symbolised a blank slate, new beginnings, and the future possibilities that a worldwide pandemic has given way to.

Some dresses were embellished with silver accents with one entirely silver piece raining down silver tassles.

Designers have been freed from arguably outdated structures of presenting collections and Piccoli’s excitement and curiosity for the new prospects this offers shines through in this fashion film.

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Each dress is 15-20 feat long, all stitched by hand which took up to 4,000 hours for some of the silhouettes ‘made extreme in length, radicalized to accentuate the craftsmanship in every stitch’ Piccoli commented.

Piccoli also states he wanted to show ‘beauty in the digital fantasy’ with the dream-like projections of natural elements on the white gowns.

Courtesy of SHOW Studio

The Valentino A/W 2021 presentation is very moving because Valentino did not view the digital elements of the film as a satisfactory substitute for a ‘real’ show but instead integrated digital elements with a physical show in a way that seems organic, sincere and aware that this is the new wave and haute couture must begin to embrace it.

Watch Of Grace and Light Here:

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