[@Vibbar001] link up with [@WileyUpdates] to show you they’re ‘Shellers’

Vibbar are back with new track Shellers featuring the Godfather of grime, Wiley.

The Vibbar crew is back once again, and once again they subvert expectations. Although at this point it may be the time to accept that with Vibbar we are to expect the unexpected. This is a relatively quick drop considering the mainly Poet vocalled Free Cash came out pretty recently and Vibbar tends not to push drops too closely together. Maybe I’m reading into it too much but this could be a sign that a project release is on the horizon, we can at least hope right?

On Shellers we get an ominous grime beat that perfectly complements each MC on the track, for the best experience listen through loud speakers or on good headphones. Wiley takes the lead and sets the tone for Shellers, with what could be considered a relatively relaxed performance for Wiley but still has his stylistic trademarks all over it. Next we get Skribz who brings the energy right up with an energetic performance that sounds like that old school grime set delivery. Then we get Pep, who you may have once known as Pepstar. Pep is one of the most underrated artists in our scene both lyrically and as a producer. But here he proves his worth by completely stealing the show. Now it may be that his portion of the beat has unique elements making it standout more. Or it may be the fact that Pep alters the grime flow as well as gets a longer verse than anyone else. But no matter what you feel it is here Pep really shows his worth. To finish this MC relay we have a neat, short but sweet verse from Skits DB.

This is definitely not the last from the Vibbar collective and is just a hint of exciting things to come.

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