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The Future is Female

Technological innovation is gradually sweeping the fashion industry and women are at the forefront of the innovation.

Fascinating new possibilities are being developed from the textiles used to make clothing to the way the finished product is presented as seen by Hanifa’s 3D digital runway show.


Designer Rosie Broadhead is part of the cohort combining fashion and technology to create a sustainable and conscious future for fashion.

In this editorial we explore a key idea in Rosie Broadhead’s designs – exploring the connection between clothing and the body through probiotic treated materials which incorporates probiotic bacteria that encourages the production of healthy bacteria on the skin.


In a previous interview with GUAP Rosie Broadhead tells us that probiotic bacteria ‘helps to encourage cell renewal, reduces body odour, and improves the immune system of your skin when activated with moisture’.

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The Future is Female film feauturing dancers Cerys Weaver and Stephanie Burrell wearing Rosie Broadhead’s skin tight designs depicts them performing in casual harmony with each other as well as symbiotically with the clothing.

Watch the fashion film here:

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