Watch our chat with @ChadwickBoseman on the Importance of #BlackPanther for Black Culture & More

Last night saw the star-studded cast of the new Marvel film Black Panther grace the black carpet for the European premiere in London. The film represents a pivotal moment for Holly-wood as this is the first all-black cast to grace the big screen in a Marvel release. The underlying tone of the film resonates with reality as it touches on the subject of the exploitation of Africa’s natural resources and the strength and tradition of the African roots, that we have become so disconnected from in the western world. The integration of African culture is evident through-out, whether it was the incredible intricate designs of the costumes, the hairstyles or the distinct accents. The film depicted elements of Africa that we are all familiar with.

Our very own British talent Letitia Wright and Daniel Kaluuya conveyed amazing performances that were both authentic, believable and hilariously funny. Black panther is a film that will have an imprint on black culture for many generations to come, as young black girls and boys now have a superhero that they can say resembles themselves.

I sat down with the leading man Chadwick Boseman who plays Black Panther ‘King T’challa’ to discuss the importance of the film for black culture and how connected he is to his African roots.

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