Why we should all watch “Dear White People?” The Series Addressing Racial Ignorance


Dear _____ People,

We live in a time where everyone is afraid to say what’s really happening. And if you do speak out or have any feelings that may be against the grain, you are seen as displaying what has been coined as “reserve racism“. We want to hide behind social media hashtags and well-meaning movements that are meant to invoke thought and enlightenment but instead just seem to add to the divide and add ambiguity.

So I want us all to get real and run through some things. Racism exists. In fact,  Racism STILL exists (for clarification) and addressing the issue does make one racist but just highlights the point that it still effects many people around the globe.

Reserve racism (Whatever that is) is not a thing and ignorance is not bliss (We should know this already).

To say reverse racism is a plausible construct would be nullifying racism and the history of it, as a whole.

But honestly, this show is not about racism, it’s about social construct, how we are socialised and how we disregard issues if we cannot relate to them or sympathise with them. It conveys ignorance and the sub-surface prejudice that still clouds our everyday reality.

The Show causing waves


Dear white people is a satirical comedy brought to us by Justin Simien by way of Netflix. Based on the film ‘Dear White People’ released in 2014; The series tackles the very real and yet very brushed aside race issues that is still affecting us all today. As a black woman, I can see where the scope for offence begins, but I can also see that ignorance and lack of education also puts a block on the road to self-awareness. Now the room for offence starts with the title, “Dear White People”, for others, it was simply the trailer. (And I’m not here to tell you what you can and can not be offended about.) Some people took to Twitter to show their disdain. In fact, in a way, the show actually inadvertently proves the point about the ignorance White People display.

The ever colourful Katie Hopkins of course to had to weigh in but quickly deleted her comments, funny seeing as she usually stands firm on her beliefs. Well her tweet was caught before she deleted and comedian @domjoly caught it.

Join the dicussion #DearWhitePeople

Justin Simien created a show that is both funny and serious at the same time. Dear White People took a sudden turn in episode 5 and not only shocks us but awakens the audience.

The scene in episode 5 where a campus security guard asks Reggie, (and only Reggie for his ID), regardless of the room full of students confirming he is a student. When Reggie refuses at first the guard pulls out a fire arm on him. This clearly speaks to the current climate we are facing right now. This was a  pivotal moment in the episode and the series. This is no longer about laughs and giggles. This is deeper than that. The scene captures the tension as the room falls silent and the sole focus is on Reggie; his hands, the quake in his voice and the sweat on his brow.

This show means no offence. All it meant to do is enlighten and shed light on a topic that has gone too long being chalked up to over sensitivity and self-infliction.


Season 1 of the 10 part series of Dear White People is out now to stream on Netflix.

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