Watch: Girls Talk [@girlstalklondon] – @JohnBoyega reacts to lack of diversity on TV

Introducing the second series of online UK Talk Show for young women ‘Girls Talk’ launching with ‘What’s trending’ where hosts Vanessa Sanyauke (CEO of Girls Talk London), Remel London (Sky1, BBC 1xtra) & Dean Quinton (Channel 4). discuss the trending news on social media.

During this episode thehosts discuss the controversial comments Star Wars star John Boyega made about black people in the UK and the lack of diversity on British TV. 

Girls Talk, is a new online panel style talk show aimed at millennial women aged 18-34 due to there currently not being a single talk show on UK mainstream TV that appeals to this demographic. Led by 3 diverse co-hosts who make up the cosmopolitan mix ofsociety Vanessa Sanyauke (CEO of Girls Talk London) Remel London (Sky1, BBC 1xtra) & Dean Quinton (Channel 4). This show is made for the everyday young woman in the UK and the 3 friends have open and honest conversation about current social media trends and have special guests and experts on fashion, beauty, work, relationships & life who give the viewer life hacks and tips to implement in their lives. This show rebrands what it means to be a girl in the UK and the hosts are non-judgemental advocates for women’s issues and rights.

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