Watch: Kano’s [@therealkano] extremely real documentary ‘Made In The Manor’

Grime legend Kano released his debut album ‘Home Sweet Home,’ in 2005. Ten years on, Kano is still one of the most respected MC’s and continues to produce music that reflects his roots and his experience.

Celebrating his East London roots, Kano addressed the realities of real life Britain, personal issues, such as dealing with losing friends and his estranged family. The documentary, which gives an insight into his life is the perfect teaser for his highly anticipated album, ‘Made In The Manor.’

After first premiering the document via the Guardian, he touched upon his sources of inspiration. He explained, “I’m always working out how people perceive me, and that’s a hard thing to navigate sometimes.” He also reminisced on a friend who went jail before his first album came out and confessed, ” I’m on TV, and they’re inside, looking at me like I’m 50 Cent. They think I’m killing it, earning mad dough every day. I’m sending him trainers and that, but it’s not enough, because he thinks I should be doing more. You fall out with a lot of people like that.”

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Kano’s new album ‘Made In The Manor’ is expected to be released on March 4 2016.

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