Watch “Leon The Professional”, Knucks’ Latest Ballad Dedicated to London

It’s about time to start making space on your playlists and mark your diaries in anticipation of some quality music because it looks as though Knucks’ red letter is upon us. The crater left by Knucks’ impressive landing on the music scene is yet to be matched by another and his latest self-produced single “Leon The Professional” stands in place like a fairytale, but not the princess kind. Although filled with mystery and morals the melancholic tale recounts some hardships of life on the block.

The visuals, directed by LX there is the unspoken nods to Luc Besson’s original film made in 1994 which follows a story of an assassin navigating the complex moralities of his work while taking a girl under his wing as a protogé–perhaps a juxtaposition which reflects the experience of many young people across the city.

Previously released “Bando” from his COLORS session and the internationally acclaimed double-single “Alpha House” / “Hide & Seek” have quickly been acknowledged as masterful pieces of work; Knucks even had his name dropped in conversation by Kenny Beats on Pharrel’s OtherTone podcast with Fam-Lay and Scott Veneer.

Notable bars: “Oh What a big misfortune If Blank ceases to breath any more / Mac on the mantle, teeth in the draw”

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Listen to Knucks’ tale below.

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