Watch: Maxsta [@ItsMaxsta] Pens EPIC “Open Letter” Inspired by #BLACKLIVESMATTER

Video Directed: Amir Mekkaoui

Maxta’s Open Letter:

Before I start, I’m not the most influential person in society or the most qualified to speak on such matters that have been going on in the world but I believe that if I can make at least one person wake up to the reality of what we as a human race are facing I’m content that I’ve done something to help. So to that one person I say, look around at the world we live in today, hatred, greed, negativity and evil are the catalysts of the world. We live in a world were we have become desensitised to where what was once outrageous is now the norm. It’s normal for one person to tear the next person down for some social media attention. It’s normal for me to open an app on my phone and see a video of somebody who doesn’t deserve to die getting shot and killed by the police. It’s normal to be segregated…. And I know we’ve been segregated from as far back as history can be recorded but as a young black male I feel like now more than ever we have to look at each other as one. i have faced racism from a British white police officer who once told me to “go back to where I came from and steal cars there” when I was arrested for driving a family members car and was literally treated as guilty until proven innocent. I went to Scotland for a wedding last week and when I walked past 3 white guys they said “omg did you just see that, a black guy!!” And burst into laughter. I cannot blame ignorant people who take the image that is displayed of blacks in the media as thugs, animals and basically barbarians who are already guilty for crimes they are yet and run with it. Lee rigby’s killer who was far out of his depth and completely wrong for taking another mans life (condolences to his family). However when I compare one example of British media coverage that stated he had blood on his hands and hate in his eyes, to the way Jo Cox’s white killer was described as lonely and depressed etc. I can’t help but see a trend of unfair judgment controlled by the higher ups. I call upon my fellow blacks to not give those against us what they want and somehow fix our foundational values before it’s too late. We sing along to Bobby shmurda saying somebody caught a body about a week ago and then we look down on him and his friends for actually doing what we enjoyed him talking about. We make segregation between darker and lighter skin, Africans vs carribeans and on the street level on the same place where others earn money respect and a living in a decent way we fight neighbourhood wars with people who live round the corner. I’m not criticising just stating what I have seen with my own eyes. It’s time for us to love one another, hard as that is. Meme’s and other new school devices would prefer you cut people off and be happy by yourself etc but I believe there’s a God who governs over all of us. White black American English, Hispanic, Asian’s or mixed, we have run our world to the grave, global warming and things like that are example of how we have abused the earth but the death rate of blacks by police in America, the death rate of blacks by other blacks in Chicago and the countless times someone has walked past me asking for directions because they want no part in “n***er” problems our examples of how we have abused each other along the line. Be that one person that makes a change in yourself for the better of those around you, we don’t have the power to pass legislations, or sit down one on one with Obama to ask why our black brothers are dropping like flies. But on the most immediate level we have one self. Think about it

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