Watch: Meet The Founders Of “GUAP Magazine” – E-peeps S3: Ep4 (@Jmxney_ @IbrahimKamara_)

We featured in the latest episode of E-peeps (Season 3, Episode 4) The founders of GUAP Magazine, Jide Adetunji (@Jmxney_) and Ibrahim Kamara (@IbrahimKamara_).

GUAP magazine is the worlds first video magazine. Our focus is contemporary youth culture & empowerment. In this interview we discuss our journey which has included winning awards, appearing on TV & Radio, meeting some spectacular individuals and shaping the future of British youth culture in the process, get ready for something truly spectacular.

Big thanks to Tom and the rest of the Fun & Games Production Crew. Check them out, just like us they feature upcoming visionaries helping to shape youth culture in the UK. If you feel inspired by this and would like to view more content Click Here to view and subscribe to their Youtube channel.

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