Watch: Sisterhood – A mini-doc showcasing the power of women’s love & creativity ft @oshuniverse

Why is sisterhood so important?

‘Self love, self healing and self expression are three things that came to mind in the curation of “Three Days in Eden”; and it’s these three principles that continue to sustain this journey of entrepreneurialism’ – elayocu, Founder of Our Peoples

On the 14th May 2018, Our Peoples curated a safe haven for all things sensual, spiritual and feminine in honour of female rap duo, Oshun’s London gig.

(Photo via @Elayocu)

Artists/businesses featured include Oshun Mutulu Oblongata (Founder is Ibile Botanical), Sandra Abodé (Founder is Sabode), Suhaiyla Shakuwra (Founder of Suhaiyla Shakuwra boutique), Ishtar OSHUN (Illustrator), Onyinye Iwu (Illustrator) & Quiet Hunter (Artist)

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(Photo via @Elayocu)

It was a day that went beyond all the amazing art and craft wares on display, but one that also celebrated female entrepreneurs, sisterhood and the value of our wider supportive networks.

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