Watch: Stormzy [@Stormzy1] Assassinates All Haters In New Visuals For “SCARY”

Stormzy returns with a brand new track produced by the one and only Sir Spyro. You know it’s mad when the beat hasn’t even dropped yet and it’s already ‘Scary’. In the intro Stormzy teases us about his impending Album which is likely to be released sooner than we think as we’ve been warned to ‘Look over our shoulder’. 

One of Stormzy’s greatest rap assets is his ability to paint such a vivid picture in the minds of listeners. Along with his witty punchlines and quirky character, it’s this great understanding between him and his fans that’s allowed him to excel in such a way. In this project, he’s back at again, literally delivering fire in every single line and being honest, i’m even more excited now for this album.

Did you hear man send? I’m Dying!

Don’t get gassed cause you got the headline, you only got it cause I declined it.

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Filmed & Edited By: Kaylum Dennis (@kaylumdennis)
Co-Directed By: Cordell Johnson (@siege_ol)


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