We Are Stripes: Creative Hues, Video series. Season 1

Sometimes you have to see it to be it, and we don’t always know that we can see it we just have be in the right place or meet the right people to expose to the things that are unknown to us.

We Are Stripes and GUAP have collaborated to create the Creative Hues, Video series. Season 1 which is aimed to help young people who have limited access to different creative careers, and those that might not be able to see what is on offer to them as a possible career path within the creative industry.

More often than not we are told ‘be a doctor, or a lawyer’ ‘go to university and get a degree, get a good job’. These are all the things our parents probably would have told us for security and also them just not knowing about what is accessible to young people.

Creative hues is all about highlighting people who have had amazing journeys, people who have carved out paths for themselves who when they were growing up were not entirely aware that they could achieve such things as they have now.

You could say that a lot of this is about unlocking the impossible, although we live in a time now where we are in a digital age and exposed to just about anything, the lack of knowledge sometimes and understanding of what we know about careers that are accessible to people is very little.  We don’t know that we can art directors, entrepreneurs, film makers, producers and more. Those roles aren’t shown to us or even explained.

We Are Stripes aim to bridge the gap for young people who are of ethnic minority with creative opportunities and allow them to access professionals, like who they have highlighted in the creative hue videos.

For those of you reading this and watching, this is about allowing yourself to be exposed to opportunity, knowing that you can do and achieve anything and a creative career is not unrealistic, you can do it with the right support and people around you.

To find out more information follow: @WeAreStripes

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Nene Parsotam

Haydn Corrodus

Shannie Mears

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