“We have always been dancers, it was a big part of our culture growing up” – The Jaiy Twins [@TheJaiyTwins]

We catch up with Taitlyn and Kaylee Jaiy aka. The Jaiy Twins.

The Jaiy Twins have literally been dancing their whole lives. After discovering their love for music and dance as children, Taitlyn and Kaylee Jaiy were encouraged by their parents to pursue their dreams of being dancers. With inspirations like Destiny’s Child and Missy Elliot, the London-based duo strived to take their double-act to the next level. From choreography to movement direction, the Jaiy Twins wish to explore every avenue they can in order to push themselves creatively.

Over the last year, the Jaiy Twins had a drastic change in lifestyle after the country went into lockdown. Still buzzing from their biggest tour yet with iconic band The 1975, where they were embraced by the fanbase and even had dedicated social media fan pages created for them. The year-long lockdown did not slow them down, as the twins focused on their social media content, creating upbeat, high-energy dance videos at home. Growing their social media following to over 75,000 followers. We had the chance to catch up with Taitylyn and Kaylee Jaiy at the beginning of this year, check out the interview below!

Tell us a bit about yourself. How did you get into dancing?

We have always been dancers, it was a big part of our culture growing up listening to music and expressing ourselves through dance. We then went on to study it further and learn different techniques such as ballet, contemporary, jazz, tap, commercial, and hip hop. 

What’re some of the coolest things that you’ve done as dancers and performers?

What has been some of the coolest things we have done as performers, We would definitely say performing live to thousands of people. Touring the world and being a part of Global campaigns.

The Jaiy Twins

What advice would you give to the younger people who want to do what you do? 

Dream big, keep going, never give up and stay true to yourself. There’s only one you.

How do you handle scorn and negative comments?

We don’t really pay much attention to negativity. The more you feed into it your opening up a door you don’t necessarily want to go into.

The Jaiy Twins

 How do you typically find inspiration for your videos or your choreography?

It depends on what the stimulus is, it could be music or an idea. For example, if it’s the music we will improvise and watch each other and pull out bits of movement that we really like. Then we will start creating a sequence. 

Since we’re still in the midst of a quarantine, has this time period prompted you to find any new interests or hobbies?

Yes we love keeping fit, as dancers this is very important. We have started training in boxing with each other, which is really new to us. However, it is very similar to dancing as you need to remember the sequences. 

The Jaiy Twins

How would you describe your dance style?

We are definitely a mixture of all the dance techniques we have learned throughout our training. However, to sum everything up we would say we are a fusion of Commercial and contemporary dances. 

What can your fans look forward to in the future?

Our supporters can look forward to us exploring more of our creative side in the arts. And really pushing ourselves to try new things.

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